Made in the USA at Pete’s Motors – Press Release

This summer, a major exhibition of contemporary art is coming to the Berkshires. Made in the USA at Pete’s Motors will be on view 24/7 at the former Pete’s Motors showrooms in Great Barrington from June 27 through August 2nd, showcasing the artwork of emerging and established contemporary artists from the U.S. and abroad. The Bob Quattrochi family has generously donated the Pete’s Motors dealership, historically an important part of the Berkshires’ community since 1929, for the duration of this exhibition. Made in the USA at Pete’s Motors will provide the public an opportunity to interact with the Pete’s Motors site in a new context: as a temporary platform for contemporary art.

The production of contemporary art exhibitions in vacant buildings and temporary spaces is not a new phenomenon*; however, Pete’s Motors, a family owned car dealership among the multitudes of auto dealerships closing in the face of the contracting economy, is remarkable for its prominence in several Berkshire communities. Made in the USA at Pete’s Motors highlights the potential for car dealerships and other businesses affected by the changing economic environment across the US to play a role in the support of the visual arts.

Themes represented by the artwork in Made in the USA at Pete’s Motors are as diverse as the group of artists: Yasue Maetake’s elegant floor sculpture Cardinal Direction (2007) involves creating complex and mechanical forms from natural materials; In the video installation Lost Tribes and Promised Lands (2009), Elisabeth Subrin revisits unedited 16mm footage documenting a Brooklyn neighborhood’s intense patriotic response to the attacks on the World Trade Center. A shot by shot recreation, the 2-screens present a simultaneous, parallel world, examining the subtle shifts in the neighborhood exactly seven years later; Michael St. John’s series of sculptural works combine symbols of consumer culture with street signs and household materials, imbuing the work’s commercial message with a personal and humorous sensibility.

The wide-range of works in the exhibition are represented by a variety of media including sculpture, video, installations, photographs, paintings and works on paper by artists AIDS-3D, Haluk Akakce, Uri Aran, Darren Bader, Louis Cameron, Matthew Chambers, Ara Dymond, Leo Fitzpatrick, Jason Martin (Jason Kraus & Martin Kersels), Yasue Maetake, Mirabelle Marden, Elizabeth Neel, Michael Portnoy, RH Quaytman, Michael St. John, Elisabeth Subrin, John-Taki Theodoracopulos, Anthony Titus, Debora Warner, Christian Wassmann and Ulrich Wulff. Performance artist Michael Portnoy will create a High Drama Action Painting or High Action Drama Painting within the Pete’s Motors space at 8 PM on June 27th, concurrent with the opening reception.

This exhibition is curated by Philip “Pip” Deely and Kalika Farmer and produced by Cathy Deely.
The organizers are grateful to IS 183 Art School for their fiscal sponsorship of the exhibition, the Bob Quattrochi family for the donation of the Pete’s Motors showrooms, the Town of Great Barrington, and local supporters and donors.

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* The Berkshires, the location of a vibrant creative economy, is home to successful art projects in non-traditional spaces, most notably MASS MoCA (North Adams) and the Storefront Artist Project (Pittsfield).

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